Angelo Aquilina Refrigeration Supplies Ltd

Our company has, for many years now specialized in the sector of refrigeration. The company, which is now in Gzira, provides projecting, designing, supplying and installations of cold room panelling and refrigeration, display counters, iron structures, industrial shelving, truck boxes and truck refrigeration.This company mainly started out by making refrigeration installations and repairs. In 1998, we started importing cargo refrigeration boxes which were also fitted with refrigeration technology. Two years later, in 2000, we started also importing commercial cold rooms. The founders of the company also continued with their studies abroad, to support a well-informed business, constantly adapting to its clientele’s needs.

In fact, the company started importing and projecting industrial cold rooms only when we received the necessary training. We continued developing gradually forward and today many of our products could be monitored and adjusted via internet live, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.We are also proud to offer a highly efficient refrigeration system which consumes less energy. Of course, the company didn’t stop there; we started importing the steel structures and industrial shelving attributed to this kind of refrigeration to offer the entire package. We guaranteed After sales service with every acquisition and all of our products are EU certified. Thanks to our constant will to offer only the very best, ‘Angelo Aquilina Refrigeration Supplies’ has become one of the national leaders in refrigeration and all other related products.

Our Innovative Client History

Quality of service provided matter dearly to us and as a result, all our project is according to our own experience and with qualified & professional personnel. With this professionalism at work, we were successful in the various local project throughout the region with the majority of large companies in Malta & Gozo.

The following is a list of satisfied well known clients:

“From my experience in this sector I always used my successful formula strategy, that is based on these three golden rules – Plan, develop & achieve. We are living in a world where the global economic situation has left us with no option but not to leave no stone unturned to find ways and means to save energy.

Working hand in hand with our clients has contributed to the creation of new or refurbished projects, sustainable to the current economic trend. Keeping this in mind, our company has thrived during the past few years, where highly esteemed and renowned national organisations have entrusted us to import, install and service the relevant projects.

It is my honest and sincere wish that you entrust us with your next project. It is our aim to help you achieve your desired objective, that of having an efficient and modern plant for the benefit of the business that you represent. At the end the most important goal for us, is that our customers are satisfied.”

Angelo Aquilina

“We understand that a service is important to our valued customers, which is why our emphasis is on providing a friendly professional and an efficient service ensuring that projects are completed on time with 100% reliability and full cooperation.

Our customer proposition is focused on understanding the requirements of our customers and ensuring we only offer and supply the right piece of equipment to do the right job, whatever the job is. We see ourselves as an extension of your team. We understand that the products we supply are essential to the success of the businesses you support. Our team is dedicated to giving a professional and customer focused pre-sales and after sales advice and services at all times.

When it comes to refrigeration, we will work with you to provide a tailor made solutions no matter what the size.

“Environmental responsibility is no longer simply a business image strategy. Today it is as important as the other economic and social sectors, when evaluating profit accounts and the company’s position in the market. Angelo Aquilina Refrigeration Supplies Ltd acknowledges and develops on this contribution therefore gaining confidence with the company itself the market and with its customers.”

Justin Aquilina

“The after sales service is important as much as all the services we provide. Our commitment to our clients is something that we take seriously. Our company Angelo Aquilina Refrigeration Supplies Ltd it’s not only responsible to sell the products, but to keep the client in a peace of mind and in case of maintenance or repairs, the client is only one phone call away.

We have our fulltime 24/7 response team including technicians, installers and helpers. Thanks to our response team, we are the most efficient responsive company in the Maltese islands. Our objective is to make sure that we deliver the service to our clients in the earliest Estimated Time of Arrival.

Now a days our clients are all confident that it doesn’t matter if it’s in the hottest days of summer or in the most busy moments of the year, in case of malfunctions or other problems all will be fixed in no time thanks to our response team.”

Brandon Aquilina