Cold Room

Cold Room Panels are constructed by Rigid Polyurethane insulated foam which is closed sandwich type by different type of coatings.

Rigid polyurethane foam

Rigid polyurethane foam is one of the most efficient, high performance insulation material, enabling very effective energy savings with minimal occupation of space. The rigid polyurethane foam is the result of a chemical reaction between two components: polyol and isocyanate. It has the following key properties:

  • Excellent thermal-insulation determined by the best thermal conductivity;
  • Low specific weight;
  • High mechanical characteristics;
  • Dimensional stability at low and high temperature;
  • Resistance to the most common chemicals;
  • resistance to attacks by biological agents and does not enable the growth of mold or fungus;
  • Excellent process ability, which allows a stable combination with the coating materials;
  • Reaction to fire in accordance with the standards. The polyurethane is not flammable, but, like all plastic materials of organic nature, it is combustible and burns on contact with the flame;
  • Compatibility with man and the environment.


  • The types of coatings that can be installed are galvanised pre painted metal sheet which is standard material, stainless steel & Fibre glass. These types of coating is selected on the application of cold rooms.


Angelo Aquilina Refrigeration Supplies LTD specializes in Consultancy / Design/ Supply/ Assembly / Maintenance insulating panels, aluminium frames, refrigerator doors, fast doors and PVC structures according to the basis of any project., large or small.

  • Consultancy with the Customer, Design, Supply, Assembly and Maintenance of all the systems, conducted by our experienced and qualified personnel.
  • Commercial and industrial cold rooms
  • Cold Room Panels made from Polyurethane sandwich type male & female. Can be used with or without cam locks.
  • Panel Thickness from 40mm up to 240mm
  • Density at – 40kg/cbm to 42kg/cbm, 43kg/cbm to 45kg/cbm & 45kg/cbm to 47kg/cbm.
  • Maximum panel Height: 13.5m
  • Various types of finishes from pre-painted, plastificated, fibre glass and stainless steel
  • Panels can also be on client request with all types of colours for offices, hospitals and all types of laboratories etc.
  • Temperature range from Chilled cold room to Deep Freeze cold room to blast freezer.
  • Finishes are sanitary EU certified
  • All panels are EU certified and class 1 fire proofing.
  • Cold room Floors is projected depending on the basis of the project.

Panel interlocking

The refrigeration cold room panels are manufactured sandwich type interlocking male to female.


Interlocking of panels.

Refrigeration cold room panels can be manufactured also with cam locks for more interlocking-. It also can be manufactured tongue and groove type which means without cam locks, but with this kind of selection one needs to care on the installation.


Panel thickness

Figure 1.4 illustrates the panel thickness of the Industrial & commercial cold rooms. The panel thickness is identified by, the temperature of cold room, the circumstances of the cold store place and the size of the cold room. There is also panels 4cm thick for wall covering for loading bays, laboratories etc.


Profiles & angles

For wall & roof junctions and wall to floor junctions adequate profiles & angles are used for internal and external of the cold room. These profiles and angles are according to the sanitary standards.


Panels can be easily disassembled, Modified and extended without causing any damage to the existing panels. In addition, the cold room can be integrated with doors, window frames and accessories which make the construction of the cold room extremely customizable. Panels also be on client request with all types of colours for offices, hospitals and all types of laboratories etc. All panels are EU Certified and fire proofing.

Floor Types

Floor Panels

Floor cold room panels are subject to the application of customer and usage of cold room. Two main types of cold room floor panels are:-

Floor type 1

Floor type 1 is the galvanized steel sheet, thickness 0.6mm, coated with plastified anti slip film ( grey color) suitable to come in contact with food. The side of the panel in contact with the ground are coated with galvanized steel sheet covered with a plastic film. This type of floor.

Floor type 2

Floor type 2 is an reinforced with stratified molded phenol integrated with the injected polyurethane foam complete with 30/10 galvanized sheet at top of flooring.


Industrial cold rooms flooring can be in concrete but one need to take care the process of flooring to enable to install a concrete floor as one need to include insulation slabs under the concrete floor for the low temperature cold room.

For chilled temperature one can install in the following process. The vertical panels are fixed to the ground by means of PVC profiles which provides a solid anchorage to the ground and follows the sanitary standards.


Door Types


There are different type of cold room doors such as sliding doors, hinge doors, Sectional doors, fast doors etc. These doors can be installed either manual or Automatic.

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automatic sliding Door FOOTAGE
PVC curtains

To prevent hot air entering the cold room which results ice buildup with evaporators and more cycles of defrost, PVC curtains can be installed before the chosen door. PVC curtains also prevents loss of cold air from the cold room.

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