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At Angelo Aquilina Refrigeration Supplies Ltd We Consult, Design, Supply, Assemble, Maintenance and provides a range of display counters for small to large supermarkets and convenience stores in Malta. The range of display counter models we offer includes vertical freezers, vertical and semi-vertical multi-deck cabinets, low cabinets, island cabinets, plug-in counters and glass display counters.

All of our display counters are suitable for commercial and industrial application in Malta and can handle chilled to deep-frozen food products. We installed these displays counters with hinged or sliding door depending on the project specifications, and all are EU certified. Monitored and controlled these display counters via the internet and we offer you IT support through our own high-tech monitoring systems. We can, therefore, adjust or change criteria to repair systems or avoid major breakdowns.


• Commercial & industrial quality.
• Can handle from Chilled to Deep Freeze items.
• Can be installed with hinge or sliding doors
• All products are EU certified.
• Can be controlled even via IT support and Internet which in return can be monitored by our system and therefore we have the capabilities to adjust and modify various criteria to repair or avoid major break downs.
• After sales service guaranteed by fully Qualified & experienced staff technicians 24Hours.
• All equipment can use specific technology equipment for energy saving of 50% from the normal traditional units.
• Models that we offer to all types of products. Products that can be used in the offered display counter, islands and cabinets are shown in figure 3.1 below

Wall Cabinets

In the following it shows some types of some of wall cabinet that can be installed:

Vertical freezers
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Vertical & semi vertical multi deck cabinets.
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Low cabinets & islands
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Glass covers and doors

The advantages of the application of glass doors are:-

  • up to 40-45% of energy consumption reduction
  • Decrease of the cold dispersion on the corridors where cabinets are placed.
  • Better maintenance of product temperature stability optimizing the safety of products quality.
  • Decrease numbers of defrosting.

Cabinets with doors for more energy saving.

LED lighting solutions

LED lighting solutions offer more energy savings from normal T8 neons and T5 neons. When compared with the traditional T8 neons it has longer durabilty.In the following figure 3.8 it shows the electrical consumption between the T5 neons lighting and the LED Lighting.

Percentage of energy saving
Wall cabinet with LED lighting
Wall cabinet with T5

High efficiency fans.

Angelo Aquilina Refrigeration Supplies LTD, as optional solution, offers high efficiency fans with main goals:

  • More energy savng, which offers up to 50% to 60 %
  • Quick amortization of high efficiency fans.
  • Better durability of high efficiency fans respect to traditional ones.

Inverter for refrigeration systems.

Inverters can be installed in the entire range of our Refrigeration systems, thereby allowing to achieve high energy savings. As a large consumer of electricity within the cooling system, the compressor is always the main target of all OEMs in terms of reducing energy consumption. The variable speed compressor is always the idea on which we focus. The main reason is that the refrigeration systems requiring maximum power only for short periods, and it is therefore possible to reduce energy consumption. Besides saving energy, the variation of yield also increases the temperature control. Moving away from a purely on / off to a modulating, temperature extremes and noise are reduced.

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