Energy Saving

Nowadays the majority of Customers pays particular attention to energy costs. Angelo Aquilina refrigeration supplies LTD always research and develop and implement leading processes and technologies, so we offer latest equipment/ latest technology / latest electronic expansion valves resulting: higher efficiency with 35% to 50% energy savings from traditional systems.

Some solutions for energy saving are:

  • By using a sub cooling plant, on the new or existing refrigeration systems you can save energy 25% to 30% more and also boost up the existing refrigeration system by 15%.
  • Install electronic valves instead of the traditional thermostatic ones and we optimize our electronic valves using our own software and control them 365 days a year via remote management. These valves maintain constant super-heating over the entire operative range, optimizing the use of the evaporator. The operating pressures are reduced, and the capacity and operation of the compressors become more uniform. Moreover the defrost cycles are less frequent because higher evaporation temperatures reduce the formation of frost. These electronic expansion valves are shown in figure 2.6 below.
Electronic expansion valve
  • Careful sizing of the refrigeration unit.
  • Careful sizing of refrigeration pipe lines and also design the installation to function with low heat loss and made in such a way as to sub cool the liquid line.
  • Careful sizing thickness of cold room panels.
  • Install a Heat exchanger which will boost the refrigeration system by 15% to 20% efficiency resulting a further  energy save of  10% to 15%. In the following Figure 2.7 it shows a photo of the heat exchanger.

  • Optimal regulation of the parameters. Thanks to our software and analyzing the operating data from more than a thousand plants, we are able to select, verify and change the settings according to the plant and the climatic situation as shown below in figure 2.8

Electronic expansion valve
  • Careful selection of compressor used.
  • Install variable frequency drive on refrigeration compressors.

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