Iron Structures

We specialize in the design, supply and installation of structural steel elements for a range of purposes in Malta, from building structures to internal and external elements for warehouses and factories.Our designs are carefully planned and tailor-made according to our clients’ strict specifications. All of our steel structure designs incorporate all the essential details as specified by our skilled engineers. These details include the calculations of the approximate weight of the structures, wind power, maximum limit states, spacing and edge distance of bolts, plate thickness, dimensions and materials.

All structures are then coated and galvanized, with steel beams and other items cut to measure. Insulating panels can also be provided as well as metallic supports, attachment groups, gutters and more. We pay particular attention to the durability of all of our steel structures and make sure that they are well protected and able to cope with various factors, from Malta’s humid climate to air ventilation, roof openings and awkward angles. We also give insulating panels with iron structure with a high Iso-thermal coefficient, with metallic supports for roofing and walls, including attachment groups, gutters for rainwater collection, grooved transparent elements etc.

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