Monitoring System

FRIGOVENETA monitoring system includes all the equipment that allows total control of the refrigerating installation by a central computer called “Local Supervisor” linked by modem to our technical assistance centre. Some of the main properties of our system:

  • Graphics: it’s possible to control the state of each variable of the refrigerating equipment and of the cold rooms.
  • Alarms : register of every alarm occurred and of every technical assistance centre intervention (date and hour)
  •  Filing of more than two years for alarms and events.
  • HACCP : up-to-date with the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Unit Points

The system will link once a day to our technical assistance centre, to test the correct working of the refrigerating equipment; if there’s something wrong, the system will download all data and alarms. Our technicians can organize in real time assistance intervention, or act directly on the system to solve the problem occurred and to avoid other problems for the future.


The monitoring system displays of the entire complex with an indication of

• Humidity
• Temperature
• On / Off
• Request cold
• In defrost
• Open Door
• Light on/off
• Ventilation
• State refrigeration units (compressors, fans)
• General alarm
• Daily consumption of electricity and costs absorbed by the (optional)

On the screen you view and set the main parameters of control and operation of each cold room:

– State of the cold room (on, off)
– Display of temperature and humidity
– Evaporator temperature, cooling request, status of fans
– Set temperature, humidity and differential
– Thresholds for alarm signaling high or low temperatures when compared to the set temperature.
– Set and fans stopped delay for evaporator temperature difference than the air temperature cell.
– Ventilation, automatic or continuous, cyclic, with relative timing, speed adjustment from 0 to 9 (0 = 30% 9 = 100%)
– State system with open door (on or off)
– Clock board with current date and time
– Buttons to turn off cold room turn-
– Button for lighting control
– Button to reset the alarms (alarm reset)
– Button to access the mask of the defrost
– Button to access the configuration screen (reserved for technicians with password)
– Button to access the graphical form of consultation

Defrost and configuration

The main features of the mask defrosts are:.

– Timing of defrost, max time, drip, delay ventilation, temperature defrost.
– Type of defrosting, air or electric-water, forced defrost
– Type of defrosting system hours, total hours required cold (solenoid), bands

The mask “configuration” is reserved for technical Angelo Aquilina Ref. Supplies LTD and allows the user to configure cooling.

The main adjustable parameters:

  • Number of compressors and condenser fans.
  • Set compressors and condenser fans.
  • Set-demand cooling.
  • Alarm threshold cooling demand.
  • Set defrost water.
  • Threshold minimum pressure.
  • Threshold of maximum pressure.
  • Difference threshold oil.
  • Timing of insertion and off compressors.
  • coolant level signal delay.

• Turn on/ off out door refrigeration unit.
• Reset alarms.
• Configuration access which the user can set the switching times of operation for the outdoor refrigeration units. This is done by varying the number of compressors.

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