Refrigeration Systems

Angelo Aquilina Refrigeration Supplies Ltd can supply and assemble refrigeration units for a range of industries in Malta, including frozen foods, fruits, winemaking and storage, supermarkets, warehouses and distribution centres preservation

We offer monoblock type, split and central-unit refrigeration systems. All of refrigeration systems are suitable for outdoor installation in Malta and do not need any extra protection. Our refrigeration systems are compact and versatile and could be equipped with hermetic or semi-hermetic compressors depending on the requirements and/or project limitations.

Monoblock type refrigeration systems are ideal in Malta as they are low-cost, quick and easy to assemble and give high energy efficiency within a compact unit. Within these systems, the condensing unit and compressor connect to evaporation unit.
Split-type refrigeration units are ideal for areas where a lack of space outside the cold room prevents a monoblock unit installation. The evaporating unit is therefore installed separately inside the cold room and the condenser and compressor could be installed outside of the building.
Central unit refrigeration systems are the most suitable systems for larger industrial purposes in Malta as more than two compressors could be installed on the outdoor unit. The central unit works depending on the demand for cooling by a programmable logic controller. All compressors have their own separate protection so if a single compressor is faulty the other compressors are not compromised. Central refrigeration units also come with the latest compressor technology and electronic expansion valves, resulting in higher efficiency and thus reducing consumption by 35-50% over traditional refrigeration systems in Malta.

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