Cold Rooms 

We use rigid insulated polyurethane foam to construct our cold rooms. Moreover, we add aluminium or PVC structures to create better insulation. We can present you with custom-designed cold room solutions. Ideal for restaurants and suppliers. 

Upright Systems

We hold a wide array of upright fruit and vegetable one-door fridges and freezers that are the perfect solution for fruit and vegetable vendors, cafeterias, grocery stores, commercial food stores, canteens and catering establishments.

Display Counters

The range of display counter models we offer includes vertical freezers, vertical and semi-vertical multi-deck cabinets, low cabinets, island cabinets, plug-in counters and glass display counters. We also provide clients with custom-designed solutions.

Industrial Solutions


We supply and install all types of pallet racking systems, including drive-in racking and mobile racking systems. All frames are of the highest quality, fully EU-certified and constructed of high tensile hot-dipped galvanised steel for maximum strength.

Iron Structures

Our designs are carefully planned and tailor-made according to our clients’ strict specifications. The factors taken into consideration include the weight, maximum limit states, spacing, bolts edge distance, plate thickness, dimensions and materials.

Energy-Saving Systems 


Our range of centralised refrigeration systems is designed to maintain cold or freezing temperatures in food display cases and walk-in storage coolers. These systems are ideal to use in supermarkets, delis, convenience stores and restaurant kitchens. They come in a variety of configurations and temperature settings.

Water Loop Systems 

The water loop system is designed to presents you with an energy-efficient solution by connecting refrigeration equipment to liquid-cooled systems that remove excess condensation through a closed-cycle liquid system. This system can be connected to any refrigeration system.

Solar Systems

We can present you with a range of systems designed to save up energy when compared to more traditional equipment. We hold a range of subcooling plants, electronic valves, heat exchangers and other energy-efficient supplies.

Other Solutions

Monitoring Systems

These systems include all the equipment for total refrigerating installation control thanks to a central computer linked by modem to our technical assistance centre. This system includes alarms, HACCP software and temperature control.

Vehicle Refrigeration 

We can present you with a range of high-quality and cost-effective vehicle refrigeration systems. We also offer tailor-made designs with complete side or rear door openings. We also offer partitions for different temperatures.